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Research Opportunities at Correlagen Diagnostics, Inc.

Correlagen offers for-research sequencing and variant-interpretation services for all genes on its menu of genetic tests. The entire gene or select exons of Correlagen’s sequencing tests are available for research purposes and the number of coding exons to be sequenced can be specified by the researcher. These services can be used to provide preliminary data for grant applications as well as for ongoing projects. Possible data outputs include a table of variants (in excel format) or a for-research-only result report that is similar in format to our clinical report.

Correlagen MD- and PhD-level scientists are available to discuss and assist with defining research projects where Correlagen services may be useful. If desired, Correlagen can provide a letter of support or write the relevant portions of a grant. Research projects using Correlagen’s sequencing and variant-interpretation services may include:

  1. Establishing association between a gene and a phenotype.
  2. Establishing genotype-phenotype correlations for specific variants within a gene.
  3. Establishing clinical utility of genetic testing for a specific phenotype.
  4. Clarifying the clinical significance of particular variants through prevalence or family concordance studies.
  5. DNA sequence analysis of human cohorts for any other purpose.
  6. Other ideas for a research project? Correlagen is always interested in new research collaborations. Please contact us with your interests.

Research prices are negotiated per project, based on projected sample volumes and extent of contracted services. Turn-around-times (TATs) for research projects are dependent on research sample volumes and may vary according to current volumes of clinical samples, which receive priority due to their medical importance. To set up a research project, Correlagen will require the following information:

  • Gene(s) and/or exon(s) to be sequenced
  • Expected sample volumes, size of sample batches, and rate of batch submissions
  • Desired TAT
  • Date first sample would be sent
  • Preferred result format
  • Sample type (Blood or DNA is accepted. For shipping and sample handling, please refer to Correlagen’s shipping and handling instructions at

Correlagen provides a research requisition form, which specifies required patient information (identifier, gender, date of birth) and sample information (collection date, type, concentration (for DNA)). Proof of informed consent is necessary before a sample can be processed. Researchers may use the consent form provided by Correlagen or submit a letter certifying that all research samples have been consented for research purposes. Billing information should be provided prior to or with the first sample. The process for invoicing for services rendered will be established prior to the start of each project.

Correlagen can also custom-develop human genetic assays that are not currently on its test menu. These types of research projects are considered on a case by case basis for cost, timelines, requirements, and availability of resources.

Please contact Correlagen at or call 1-866-647-0735 to learn more about research opportunities at Correlagen.


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