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Correlagen's Mission:

Our mission is to facilitate the use of genetic testing in clinical practice. We believe that carefully prescribed genetic testing can play a vital role in the care process by

  • allowing a definitive diagnosis
  • assisting in the selection of therapies or preventative measures
  • detecting a predisposition for disease
  • identifying carriers and enabling early diagnosis in affected family members

Correlagen's Capabilities:

Genes That Matter™

We select genes for testing based on clinical utility.

Innovative Technologies

Our automated high-throughput processes allow

  • Rapid and reliable DNA sequence analysis
  • Accurate and consistent result interpretation and reporting
  • Short turn-around times

Full Sequence Analysis

  • Our testing is based on PCR amplification and DNA sequencing on a robotic platform. We sequence the entire protein-coding region of a gene to reduce incidence of false negative results and to expand knowledge of genetic variation.

Curated Variant Database:

  • We maintain a comprehensive and dynamic database (GeneExplorer™) of gene variants and use defined protocols to score each variant for probability of association with disease.

Detailed Result Reporting:

  • We generate comprehensive result reports through our rules-based reporting system, RightReport™. The system’s updating feature allows revised interpretations as knowledge about variants and their significance for disease evolves.

Informational Materials:

  • We support clinicians by providing up-to-date disease overviews and clear indications for test use.


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